snowpea leaves with water chestnuts…

14 Jun

snowpea leaves with water chestnuts

I always like shopping at foreign (is that not PC?) grocery stores because I always find vegetables that I’ve never eaten before.  Along one misting aisle, there lay bags and bags of green veggies and I picked up a huge bag of snowpea leaves to give a whirl in the kitchen.

The leaves are quite large and the stems are hollow like green onion.  They pretty much cook up like spinach so that giant bag actually shrank down to a more edible amount!

Here’s the recipe!

What you need!
1 bag of snowpea leaves
8-10 water chestnuts
1/2 red onion
5 garlic cloves
olive oil

What to do!

1.  There isn’t much preparation that needs to be done with these guys besides a quick rinse and some plucking.

2. There are little tendrils of curly bits that come out of the ends of the stalks.  Break these off because they’re pretty tough.  If the stalks themselves are large, just pluck the leaves off because they can be tough as well.  The thinner stalks you can keep in.

Peel the water chestnuts and cut them into thin slices.

3.  Chop up the red onion and garlic and add it to a wok on high heat.  Drizzle the wok with olive oil and sautee them until it starts smelling awesome.

4.  Add in the snowpea leaves and keep turning and tossing until it starts shrinking and turning bright green.  Once it’s all cooked, add in the water chestnuts and salt to taste.  Enjoy!


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