mangosteen mayhem…

9 Jun


I am 100% guilty of being one of those people at a grocery store that adds to the mayhem of a crowded fruit stand.  You know what I mean, mostly a bunch of grandmas and grandpas hovering over a good sale item or something that is freshly in season.  If I see a crowd around food, you’ll definitely see me make a beeline for it.

This time around it was mangosteen that was on sale!  I see them all the time in Chinatown and I’ve never had them and since droves of people were shoveling them into their grocery baskets, I picked up four to try at home.

I probably butchered it when I tried to cut it open, but at least the peel was super thick so I didn’t damage the flesh inside.  The inside is sectioned almost like naked orange segments (minus the skin that is).  The texture is slippery like a peach and the taste is quite tart but sweet!  The flavour is pretty intense, almost like a super strong kiwi methinks.

I liked it quite a lot, unfortunately I was having a tiny bit of trouble breathing after so I think I might be allergic!  I don’t regret trying it one bit!


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