homegrown mesclun salad with white balsamic vinegar…

7 Jun

That’s right folks, this salad came from my fire escape garden!  These tender lettuce leaves are super easy to sow and require little to no maintenance (besides watering of course).  Mesclun made up of a variety of baby lettuce leaves that can include arugula, chervil and frisee.  Mild in flavour and delicate in texture, these babies shouldn’t be doused with a heavy dressing but instead a light mild flavoured one.

The only semi-painstaking thing about these guys is harvesting them.  If you want to have re-growth without having to sow seeds again, you have to cut the larger leaves almost individually to avoid damaging the baby leaves underneath.  If you’re patient enough to do that, you can almost harvest these leaves 4-5 times before you have to sow seeds again!

There’s nothing quite joyous as eating the food that you’ve grown and mesclun salad just looks so darn pretty!  Instead of masking these beauties, I opted for a super simple one ingredient dressing…..white balsamic vinegar glaze.  It’s almost clear, less acidic than regular balsamic, a little sweeter and thicker much like honey.

Sometimes the best things are the simple ones!


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