asian desserts are so weirdly good….frappes at Aberdeen

3 Jun

lychee frappe (shaved ice), red bean, mango, matcha ice cream and condensed milk! sugar attack yum!

Ahhh nothing beats the food court in Aberdeen Centre, food is super cheap, plentiful and the variety is amazing!  Vlad and I made it our mission to eat as many sweet desserts as we could.  I introduced him to the amazing crepe place and we also decided to a try a placed called Frappe Bliss.

I’ve had chinese shaved ice desserts before.  Usually it’s a base of shaved ice with toppings such as fresh fruit, sweet beans and ice cream.  This place put a little spin on theirs, their ice was flavoured!

So it took us several minutes to actually decide what we wanted.  They have set combos that you could choose from with kitschy names or you could customize your own however you like.

We decided to make our own combination.  The menu gives you step by step instructions on how to make your icy treat starting with the frappe (shaved ice).  They had a variety of fresh fruit options, sweet beans, chocolate sauces, coconut milk, something called chewy balls (we assume were tapoica balls) and many more.

Above the girl’s hand, you can see the block of ice that she’s shaving.  We went with the lychee flavour and she basically filled an entire soup bowl full of this icy shaved goodness.

We expected the texture of the ice to be…well icy.  But it was surprisingly light and very creamy.  The milk base made the whole concoction super smooth and lovely in your mouth.  The matcha ice cream was super good quality, dense, creamy with no air bubbles.  The mango was probably the weakest element of the whole thing, probably was sitting in some kind of sugar syrup…it would’ve been nice if it was fresher.  You can’t go wrong with red bean!  And the condensed milk was entirely unnecessary but a welcome addition.

The total came to under $5.50 and it was more than enough for two people to share!  I only wish there was one closer to home or maybe that would be a terrible idea.


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