tasty brunchy things…milano coffee review

1 Jun

Right below the sports store district on Broadview just west of Cambie is a beautiful cafe called Milano facing Jonathan Rogers Park.  With natural wood beams and a hardwood floor, the ambiance is warm and super inviting.  Beautiful leather couches circle round coffee tables and high bistro chairs can be found along bar-height tables.  The espresso bar is elegant and modern with chrome touches to accentuate the dark brown panels.

Sometimes a cafe this inviting can provide nothing but great coffee, espressos and food!  We stopped in for a “snack” and ended up with a couple of small meals with drinks.  Freshly made that day were these mini quiche-like morsels in the showcase.  I chose a prosciutto baked eggie thing and it came with a delicious toasted baguette with rocket pesto and sundried tomato.  I guessed that the quiches were made in muffin tins as the edges of the prosciutto were crispy while the soft was deliciously cheesy and soft.

The pungent arugla pesto coupled with the slightly sour sundried tomatos were a great addition to the small meal.  At $4.95 who could beat that price?  Along with this tasty treat I had a hedgehog mocha that was made with hazelnut, liquid chocolate and espresso.  The foam was nice and thick and the coffee wasn’t terribly sweet.  A little steep at $3.50 for a small (about 8oz I would guess) but rather delicious nonetheless.

We also ordered a thai coconut curry soup that had shredded chicken throughout with a nice spicy aftertaste.  The large soup was a generous portion with some little toasts to keep it company.

The large cafe has a beautiful deck that faces a park with a great view of the mountains.  In the summer they open their giant doors with floor to ceiling windows and the whole cafe breaths in the outdoors.  People who go there are there to enjoy their surroundings and we didn’t find one person tapping away on their computers.

It’s a little far from the beaten path but definitely worth visiting the next time you’re out buying a tent or some camping gear!
Atmosphere: 5/5
Flavour: 4/5
Presentation: 3.5/5
Uniqueness: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 4/5


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