i ♥ rollerskates…

28 May

who's a happy little skater?!?!? and yes, the nerdtastic protective gear is absolutely necessary! my first long trip went pretty well and I had a couple of spills that ended up in laughter since I came out unscathed....thank you kneepads and wristguards!

I’ve always wanted rollerskates since I saw a roller derby bout a few years back.  I used to rollerblade a ton when I was in high school but nothing beats the long colourful socks, bootie shorts paired with some awesome high top rollerskates.  I went to a Terminal City Rollergirls double bout a few weeks ago, and fell in love with the idea all over again.

There’s something particularly awesome about a bunch of girls skating along a track trying to destroy each other over and over again.  With heavy checking and wicked spills, these games are wickedly entertaining with amazing outfits to match.

I headed over to Rollergirl showroom to check out some skates.  I thought I would want some derby skates (short boot style) since I was toying the idea of potentially being a referee for the games.  As much as I’d like to tryout for the derby itself, the time commitment seems a little too great for me but refereeing would be a perfect compromise.

The gals at Rollergirl are absolutely fantastic!  They’ll pull out every style of boot for you to try on until you’re completely ecstatic about your choice.  Every single one of them just can’t wait to outfit another person in rollerskates…it’s clear that it’s their love.

The first few pairs are tried on were the lowest priced derby boots they had.  I discovered that vinyl derby boots were just not comfy enough.  The padding was huge and overall I felt it was super bulky.  They got me to try a leather version (Riedel RS-1000) and it was absolutely dreamy!  The leather just hugged my feet and as much as I wanted to roll out of there with them on, the price point (starting at $225) was out of my league.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to walk away with any rollerskates until one of the girl’s asked about a very “special” boot that they had in the back.  They weren’t sure if they were still in the back because they only had it in a very small size (men’s 3)….someone dug around the back and came out with “the one”.

Who knew I’d end up with old school skates with updated wheels?  These bad boys are apparently not in production anymore and are made by a Canadian company called Daw.  The boots are a dark brown chocolate suede (apparently a colour that is rare) with aluminum plates and a wooden heel.  It was awesome watching all the girl’s working there fawning over the boot, I guess I am just super lucky that I have tiny feet.

Dressing them up is probably the funnest part.  Once you’ve decided on the boot, you get to choose the wheels and the laces!  They outfitted me with faster wheels since I’ve rollerbladed in the past and we did a million colour combination until we got the perfect one.

I got to say, these  guys are mega comfy, the suede is soft and supple and fits my feet perfectly.  I also appreciate the extra suede flap over the toe that protects the actually boot until I stop crashing into everything when I’m trying to stop.  And stopping is probably the hardest thing on rollerskates….way easier on rollerblades in my opinion.

So…if you’re ever looking to start up rollerskating…just do it…you won’t regret it and you’ll get tons of smiles by onlookers as your out and about.


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