half garden, half store-bought 10 ingredient salad!

20 May

Most salads are super boring to me so when I make them, I try and put almost everything into them!  I love different textures and flavours in a salad so each bite is different and new.  We were feeling like we had a little bit too much sun during the day and needed a fresh and cool salad for dinner that wasn’t overly heavy but also filling.

I tend to put some kind of meat in salads like bacon or chicken but a vegetarian friend of ours was coming over, so I went the no meat route!  Any salad I make I try and use a variety of different colours just to make your eyes happy.  Thinking about flavours, I always use a fruit (for sweetness), something soft (avocado, mango), something salty (bacon, cheese), something crispy (radish or nuts) and something sharp (herbs or onion).  If you mix it up with the ingredients, you’ll find you will only need a tiny bit of dressing!

Here’s the recipe for a bustling salad!  The quantities are completely up to you, but here’s a guideline for a single serving.

What you need!
spinach and argula (enough for a nice bed)
3 home-grown radishes
half an avocado
2 strawberries
a couple of thin slices of red onion
crumble of goat cheese
smattering of fresh dill
half a handful of toasted pecans
2 tablespoons of Renee’s Poppy Seed Onion dressing

What to do!

1.  Assemble!  Arrange it however you like and dig in!  Serve it with some delicious olive bread and I promise you’ll be satisfied!


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