the crab pot in seattle….almost as good as eating from a trough…

7 May

On a visit to Seattle we saw an ad on the back of one of the hotel brochures featuring a restaurant called The Crab Pot.  Located on Pier 57 on the water, we opted for a fun atmosphere instead of a fancy schmanch one.  If you’ve never been to this restaurant, there is only one clear choice to make…you must order the SeaFeast!

Make sure you go with someone else because the SeaFeast requires a minimum of two people.  My dream come true, a bucket of seafood dumped right on your table and you eat…with your hands.

No utensils really, you just dig in, use a mallet to crush the crab legs to access the delicious meat and throw your garbage in a giant stainless steel bowl on the floor.

And of course, nothing says classy like wearing a big plastic big….all provided of course.

We ordered The Westport and it came with the following:

Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, Shrimp in the Shell, Steamed Clams & Pacific Mussels, Andouille sausage, Corn on the Cob and Red Potatoes in their Jackets.

It wasn’t sopping wet, in fact, it had a nice dry spicy cajun rub covering it all and nothing else was needed.  Not even the melted butter they provided.  Everything was cooked to perfection, not too rubbery or overcooked.  The corn was sweet and the sausage bits were a great addition to the seafood.

We were stuffed and completely satisfied at the end.  The service was ultra friendly and smiles were at every table.  At $24.95 each, it sure beats a buffet dinner at The Mandarin.

Go visit!


One Response to “the crab pot in seattle….almost as good as eating from a trough…”

  1. Jess May 13, 2010 at 9:56 am #

    They have a similar dish in Chile called curanto… except this looks better!

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