reversible crocheted eggie merino wool hat…

5 May

Hats, hats, hats!  This is how I started crocheting, by wanting to make a hat that fit my pea-sized head.  I got a request for a double sided hat inspired by a Burton design that he had already owned.  This version was made out of merino wool purchased at Maiwa on Granville Island.  Each 100 gram ball rang up to about $8.00 each.

I used a tight stitch to keep the air out and because it’s basically two hats in one, it’s extra warm for cold backcountry days and chilly camping nights.

He ended up choosing a moss green colour and a light heather grey…you can see just a peak of the other colour at the rim.

And folded out, it looks like a giant egg!

Flip it inside out and you’ve got a second hat to wear!

I forgot how much I liked making custom crochet things for people, the reaction on their faces makes all the labour worthwhile!


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