wasabi panko breaded fish…

30 Apr

Sometimes fish ‘n chips is what I crave except this time, I wanted to make a deep fried free version with stuff that I normally have in our cupboards.  I bought some orange roughy purely based on how nice the white and reddish colour of the flesh looked.  Turns out that it’s pretty mild tasting with a very soft velvety texture, very similar to halibut.

Here’s my version of baked breaded fish using wasabi mayo and panko crumbs!

What you need!
2 large filets of orange roughy
2 cups of panko crumbs
5 tbsp kewpie mayo
1 1/2 tbsp wasabi
2 tsp salt

What to do!

1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Because I buy my fish from asian markets, I run my hand through the filets to check if there’s any bones.  If there are a few, I usually pull ’em out with a pair of tweezers.  I cut my filets into three sections so that it could be split amongst three portions.

2.  In a large plastic bag (or ziplock would work), add the kewpie mayo, salt and wasabi.  Mix it around a little with a spoon and then add the filets.

3.  Tie the bag off at the top (leave some room), and mush everything around gently until all the fish is evenly covered.

4.  On a plate, add the panko crumbs and spread it out evenly  Take a filet and place it on the panko crumbs and push gently.  Flip it over to cover the other side.  Place it on a cookie sheet.  Repeat with remaining fish pieces.

5.  If you have any remainder crumbs, top off the filets on the cookie sheet for an extra crispy top!

6.  Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until crumbs brown.  If the topping is not browning by the end of the 20 minutes, switch your oven to the broiler and brown for 3 minutes.  Enjoy!

Approx Costs:

orange roughy – $9.50
other ingredients – $1.50

Total $11.00 for 3 servings or $3.67 each


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