sushi flavoured street meat? japadog to the rescue!

27 Apr

Japadog is practical a household name for people living in Vancouver.  These hotdog stands feature Japanese flavoured hotdogs featuring toppings like nori, kewpie mayo, teriyaki sauce, edamame and anything else you’d think of finding in a sushi restaurant.  Sometimes the lines are excruciatingly long which is why I’ve never attempted to try one until we walked past one day and saw that there was no line!

Here’s what we ordered…

The menus are colourful and fun and definitely helps you figure out which hotdog you want.

We decided on the two cheapest ones on the menu, a Beef Terimayo and an Oroshi.

Voila the Beef Terimayo!  All beef hotdog with fried onions, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce and nori (seaweed).  The bun and dog were both very tender and the only thing that really came through in taste was the seaweed.  An aftertaste of fish almost…it was…meh.

The Oroshi was made out of a Bratwurst with a huge helping of grated radish, green onion and “special” soy sauce.  We were expecting it to be a little spicy but it really wasn’t, the Bratwurst was nice but again, it had a lingering taste of hotdog mixed with sushi…also…a solid meh.

For $4.75 it wasn’t a bad deal considering street meat in Vancouver is outrageously expensive…averaging $5-$6.  It was fun to try but it mostly just seemed like a trendy fad.  I miss $2 street meat in Toronto!


2 Responses to “sushi flavoured street meat? japadog to the rescue!”

  1. aka. Nico April 27, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    I love hearing the girls yell out the orders not to mention the great tasting hot dogs!

    “One Terimayo!!”

  2. Deirdre April 27, 2010 at 8:11 am #

    Who is that handsome man in front of the hot dog cart?

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