miniature fake food…looks tasty!

23 Apr

For some reason, there are collectible miniature foods that you can always find in obscure asian malls.  You can find anything from teeny tiny sushi to bowls of noodle soup and even though there’s a strange glossy glow to them, it’s hard to believe that it can be so tiny and look so tasty!

There are grown up versions of fake food that some restaurants use to entice their customers into their doors.  Most of the time it’s just whimsical but with asian menus having hundreds of meal options, a simulated plastic version can just be the ticket to helping you decide!

Click on for more amazing miniature food pictures!

Is that nine pots of stew brewing?  I think it is!

Mmmmm…mini dim sum perfectly lined up on trays.  Actually maybe they’re desserts.

Something about those eggs looks so realistic, maybe because they’re all slightly different colours of brown.

Noodles in the making….lots of toppings for a tasty stir fry in the back!


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