stickers for adults! the world of affordable vinyl decals…

30 Mar

my curtains donated by a lovely friend. remind me of twigs...kind of a perfect match to the little birdy and his birdcage

Vinyl decals have been around for years and I’ve always loved the versatility and wicked graphics you could get.  Giant wall sized ones can run you a few bucks and are way cool but totally out of my allocated budget.  I instead, went for smaller decals that could be placed to an overall larger effect.

My cheapest find was at my beloved Army & Navy, one sheet was a whopping $3.99  They had mostly silhouette type designs which always strike me as simple and bold all at the same time.

My french doors to my office has a couple of birds heading towards their home.

an overall view for proportion

The rest of the decals went near my ceiling in the inside of my office…

if the lighting is direct, you can barely see the edges of the clear vinyl....looks like it has just been painted on!

Besides the limited selection of Army & Navy, Etsy has a huge selection original vinyl decals…you could browse for days, anything from life size trees to even ones for the back of your toilet…image what you could do with it all!

And the best part is that they’re not permanent, so if you’re mood changes, you can always tear it down and put up another design.


2 Responses to “stickers for adults! the world of affordable vinyl decals…”

  1. Jennifer March 30, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    This site is really cool, too. I’m terrified that once I commit and buy one… I’ll go wiiillllldddd


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