replacement for juice…homemade iced tea…

24 Mar

Seems like once there is juice in the house, it’s gone within a day.  With cartons ranging from $4-$6 depending on the brand…it seemed like it was just a lot sugar for a lot of money.  I never really liked the American version of homemade ice tea, where there’s no sugar,  super bland, with a gross aftertaste.  But since I’m such a fan of David’s Tea, I decided to be cheap and make my own.

I find that the best teas are the ones with fruit, whether green, black or rooibos…anything with fruit has a natural sweetness that can be punched up a bit by adding a bit of your own sugar.  My favourites are Organic Strawberry White, Berry Sorbet and Organic Raspberry Nectar.

I thought that all “sweet teas” like fruit, chocolate, vanilla or caramel ones would be good iced but yuck…was I wrong.  There’s something funny about the non-fruit teas with rich flavour like chocolate…it just doesn’t taste right.

So grab your favourite tea and let’s begin!  I use a Bodum tea sieve that has a very fine mesh.  The metal tea strainers with just holes in them tend to let finer leaves through like rooibos or even this honeybush.  For a 1.5 litre jug, I usually use about 5 teaspoons of tea leaves depending on what it suggests to use as a serving.  I add about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar depending on how sweet the tea is.

the Organic Raspberry Nectar...a lovely honeybush tea!

I hang the strainer of the edge of the jug and pour the boiling water straight through it.

Fill it up until the leaves are fully immersed….look how the water is already infusing!  For a tea like honeybush or rooibos, you can let it sit forever because it will never go bitter.  Green teas are a different story, only use ninety degree water (not boiling) and let it sit for only 3-4 minutes.

Once you’re happy with the sit time, put the jug in the fridge and allow to cool.  Add some ice cubes and it becomes a refreshing drink full of antioxidants and less sugar than a store bought juice.  Try adding a sprig of mint for extra refreshment!

Approx Costs: $2.00 for 1.5 litres of iced tea


2 Responses to “replacement for juice…homemade iced tea…”

  1. Alex January 21, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    Actually you must have only had Northeastern USA’s iced tea (which isn’t real iced tea) In the south (Southeastern USA) iced tea is made of Orange pekoe tea and lots of sugar. I do agree agree that the northerners iced tea is bland and disgusting.

  2. Awkward handshake guy March 24, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    American tea bland??!?! You just haven’t been drinking the right tea =) Try 1) real southern sweet tea and 2) sun tea, which would be perfect for your sunny window. Slow steeping brings out the natural sweetness of the tea, kind of like cold-brew coffee.

    Also, chocolate tea just sounds gross period.

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