tuna belly ceviche mango salad on pea shoots with herb crostini…

9 Mar

my version of a fresh tuna mango salad!

On a trip to the hipster vegetarian restaurant Naam one night with a friend, we discovered that there was a lineup that both our bellies didn’t want to wait for.  Across the street was a swanky lookin’ bar/lounge called Cabinet (604-739-336) and we decided to give it a whirl.  I don’t think they have a website yet but I do believe that the space used to be Tatlow’s Broiler Bar but I’m unsure if they just changed their name or it is an entirely new restaurant all together.

I had the most amazing raw tuna and mango salad that was so refreshing, painfully simplistic and sophisticated all at the same time.  No cooking, only a whole lotta chopping and a simple citrusy dressing….the inspiration for the following recipe.  Although it’s not entirely the same, it reminded me that not everything has to be cooked and was easily made with ingredients that I have on hand most of the time.

What you need!
1/3 lb raw sashimi grade tuna belly
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
1 large mango
2 sprigs of green onion
1 cup of water chestnuts
1/3 cucumber
a few handful of pea shoots (or any other salad base you like)

1/2 lemon
3 tbsp rice wine vinegar
3/4 tsp red chili flakes (or fresh chili)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1 clove of garlic
1 slice of ginger

9-12 slices of baguette
parmesan cheese
salt or sea salt would be even better!

1.  It’s time to chop!  I buy my frozen sashimi grade fish at Kay’s Seafood in Chinatown.  The fish are all flash frozen at sea and are perfectly fine to consume raw.  It should never come to room temperature so make sure you defrost it in the fridge.

2.  I cut a chunk off a big fillet while it’s still frozen.  Tuna belly is super soft and buttery when defrosted so I tend to chop my tuna into tiny cubes when it’s still frozen to retain it’s shape.  Once you’re done, put it in the fridge to stay cool.

3.  Chop the rest of the vegetables to the same small cube size as the fish.  Remove the seeds from the pepper halves and slice into thin strips, chop length wise into little squares.  Chop the green onions until you reach the white bits…discard the rest.  Water chestnuts will need to be peeled before cutting.  The easiest way to prepare the mango is to peel it with a knife first, and cut off sections of the meat right along the pit.  Cut the mango meat into small cubes.  Cut the cucumber but leave the center seeds out or else your salad will be too watery.

4.  Next prepare the dressing mince the garlic and ginger and add in soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, lemon, olive oil, chili and sugar.  Mix thoroughly and give it a taste…if it’s too sour, add a little more sugar.  It should be tangy and with an after taste of a savoury garlic and ginger flavour.

5.  Mix all your prepared veggies with your fish and slowly add the dressing a couple of spoonfuls at a time.  Taste as you go and keep on adding until it’s exactly how you like it.  I ended up using all of my dressing but it really does depend on how strong yours turns out.

6.  Slice your baguette into slices and place them on a cookie sheet.  Spread some butter on them and sprinkle on parmesan and oregano.  Finish it off by sprinkling on a scant amount of salt on each slice.  Put your oven on broil and bake for about 5 minutes or until edges are browned.

7.  Put down a bed of sprouts on a plate and pile the tuna mango salad on top.  Serve with a few pieces of your golden crostini and you have a zesty fresh salad packed full of vitamins and protein that beats any ol’ burger joint in town!

Approx costs:
Tuna – $3.00
Veggies – $3.50
Seasonings – $1.00
Bread – $1.00

*Total – $8.50 for 3 people or $2.83 per person

*I’m thinking this recipe would costs a little more than I’ve outlined here because I happen to be very fortunate and have an “out of this world” grocery store in Chinatown called Sunrise Market.  I must look absolutely crazy whenever I’m shopping there because I’m always laughing at how ridiculously cheap the prices are.  Granted some veggies you’ll have to wait until another day because they’re brinking on rotting but, if you’re diligent, you can find tons of veggies with lots of life to them with outrageous prices attached.  This time around an English cucumber was $0.25, a pound of pea sprouts was $0.50, lemons were 3 for $1 and the mangoes were 2 $1.00.


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