smart mouth cafe – our first friendship date…

3 Mar

Way back in the fall, I met Vlad in Gastown at Smart Mouth Cafe and people watched (more like criticized) over jasmine tea and a latte.  After he inhaled lung fulls of my motorcycle exhaust and proclaimed that he was in love with the smell, I left thinking “Man, that kid is such a weirdo” and “Damn!  That was the BEST latte I’ve every had!”.

Ever since, I make a bee line for this cafe whenever I’m anywhere close to Gastown.  The interior is spacious, two levels with the first having a lot more floor space than actual tables.  The counters are full of baked treats and it always seems a tad too warm inside, thus the patio sets outside are a perfect vantage point for homeless to approach you and to mock the passing tourists.

the register says it all...latte for $3.50

I usually don’t like coffee drinks with foam…kind of like the annoyance of fizzy pop…but the foam on these lattes must be made with love.  The consistency is creamy and thick, almost not like foam at all.  It stays with the entire drink and you get a small mouthful every time you take a sip.  It’s scoopable and retains its’ shape without dying on you.

My roomie who used to work at the much inferior Starbucks says that it is called Velvet Foam.  Say it with me…”Velvet”.  Apparently this occurs when you put the frothing nozzle deeper into the milk and foam from there.  It creates more delicate bubbles and takes longer which is why a lot of places don’t do it.  Either way, it makes a mean latte!  Plus…who doesn’t like a little heart shape floating in their perfect cup of coffee?


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