look ma! sunglasses as a camera photo filter?!?

26 Feb

So walking around town with an old friend and we see an Olympics BC Street exhibit with logs carved out as benches.  We sit, be touristy and take some pictures and I look up at the structure the entrance.  Great big logs with a cross-section of the rings of a majestic tree.  I take a shot…peer down at my camera and remove my sunglasses to see the LCD screen.

thank you $5.00 fake DG sunglasses from Kensington Market

The picture was nice but my brain didn’t compute why it looked so different.  I looked up again and put my sunglasses back on.  Whoa NELLY!  Somehow, the rose coloured sunglasses of mine shifted the log colour and eliminated a lot of the yellow.  Ah ha…this is what photo filters do for camera lenses!

As an experiment, I take another shot with my point and shoot with my sunglasses in front of the lens (among tourists that were all staring at me oddly).  Et voila, an instant photo filter for a different colour effect.

without sunglasses

with sunglasses!


One Response to “look ma! sunglasses as a camera photo filter?!?”

  1. Awkward handshake guy February 26, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    One of my favorite tricks!

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