sophie’s cosmic cafe….oh my pie!

18 Feb

Once upon a time, I saw an older man ordering the apple pie from Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe‘s in Kitsilano and instantly regretted not ordering it for my dinner.  It is the most massive slice of pie I have every seen with all the fixings (aka dairy galore…ice cream and whipped cream).  I knew I had to order it the next time I went.

We were a party of four and each ordered a main, the portions were huge, reasonably priced and pretty darn delicious…but who was I kidding?  I wasn’t really paying attention to the mains in anticipation for the dessert.  We ordered an apple pie and a keylime pie to share amongst the four of us and it was plenty to go around.

check it out, just compare the fork for pie enormity!

Sweet sweet apple pie, your eyes can’t help but light up.  The crust wasn’t your traditional flakey crust but a little more bready.  Reminds me of how chinese bakeries make their pie crusts.  Two giant scoops of ice cream which was great with the warmish pie.  The filling wasn’t overly sweet so you can imagine us devouring this thing in no time.  I gotta say it was great but still not as good as my sister’s homemade pie.

tart and jiggly....giggles all around

The keylime pie wasn’t as astronomical as the apple but still way to big for one person to polish off unless…you eat it as a meal.  The waitress plunked down the plate which left a weird vibration jiggling through the pie.  We giggled and shook the plate some more…it was a little more gelatinous than expected.  The pie was definitely tart with a soft almost meringue filling with a harder crust and was also nice because it wasn’t too sweet.  Tasty but definitely not as good as Dufflet’s Key Lime Pie, there’s is a firmer filling with candied lime on the top.  It’s available in Toronto but I can only dream one day it will come here.

Not a drop was left on either plate even though we each had a big meal.  The apple pie was $7.50 and the keylime was $6.95, not too shabby when you split it among 4 people.


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