ribby ribs and easy sides…

18 Feb

This is one of those meals that you whip up because a) ribs were on sale and our sitting in your freezer b) the veggies keep well and you use on days when you can’t be bothered to go to the market.

Preparation is easy, and all the waiting is done in the oven so you can stream your favourite sitcom or read a book while you wait for your food to be cooked.

What you need!

1 rack of pork ribs on sale (mine were under $7 from Buy-Low)
1/2 bottle of your fav bbq sauce
4 yams or sweet potatos
1 parsnip (just because I wanted to use it up)
2 cups frozen corn
2 cups frozen peas
1 1/2 tbsp garlic butter
1/2 cup milk
3 tbsp butter
olive oil
salt and pepper

What to do!

1.  Marinate those ribs!  Take a sheet of aluminum foil and lay it on your baking dish or cookie sheet, make side walls if you have extra tin foil.  BBQ sauce is sticky and this sure helps with clean up!  Drizzle some olive oil on the foil and spread evenly.  Coat the ribs in bbq sauce top and bottom.  Put on baking sheet and leave in the fridge for an hour or overnight.

2.  Boil a big ol pot of salted water for the yams.  Peel and cut the yams and parsnip into small chunks and put in boiling water until soft.  Drain pot and add the cooked yams/parsnip back in.  Add milk, 3tbsp butter and mash to your hearts galore.  I don’t mind small chunks but if you want something smoother, go ahead and use a hand blender.  Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Throw your ribs in the oven at 375° with tin foil lightly tenting it.  Cook for an hour and a half, uncover ribs and cook for another 15 minutes (you might have to cook it a tiny bit longer if they are meatier ribs).  Take out of the oven and let it rest tented for 10 minutes.

4.  While the ribs are resting, in a small saucepan, add frozen peas and carrots on medium heat.  Stir occasionally and add garlic butter and salt and pepper to taste, cook until the peas are bright green.

5.  Cut the ribs in between the bones and give a generous scoop of each veggie side for colour, flavour and texture!  This feeds 4 generously with lots of veggies on each plate.


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