oi! the truth about gummi bears…

5 Feb

If there’s one thing you know about me, is that I love my gummies.  I never get sick of them and always have a bag or two lying around.  One day, I was eating the standard pink bag of Maynard’s Original Gummies, also known as gummi bears.  I flip the package over to read the contents  because I just plain love reading packaging.

Wait a minute…can it be?  Have they forgotten to write one of the flavours down?  I count five colours of gummi bears and only four flavours.  I do some searching on the nerdnet to find a Maynard contact and let them know of their error.  I mean, I was secretly hoping they would give me a case for catching the mistake.

And you know what they said?  It’s NOT an error.  Pineapple is in between the white and green gummi because they are the SAME flavour!!!!  Who knew?!?!?

So the next time someone says their favourite gummi is white or green, you’ll know it’s entirely based on colour and not the actually flavour itself.


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