loose leaf tea heaven…david’s tea!

31 Jan

This little gem that I stumbled into on Queen West made me the happiest little camper on earth. Soon I was telling everyone about this fun and chic loose leaf tea shop. The carry some unconventional teas that have “additives” like chocolate, candy confetti, dried fruit, spices and mixes of different tea leaves.

And lo and behold I found the same tea shop in Vancouver!  2199 West 4th Avenue, right at Yew Street. Loose leaf is definitely the way to go and they have so many different flavours and is way cheaper than Mighty Leaf. Haven’t found a good replacement for Orange Dulce yet but I have a ton of favourites at David’s.

Turkish Delight

This is the first tea I ever tasted here and it was the most amazing flavour combo ever! Almonds, spices and apple flavours make it nutty and fruity and a great sweet tea.  About $6.00 for 25 servings!

Kenyan Tinderet
This is my black tea replacement, tiny little leaves almost small pebble like with a strong deep flavour. When I want a a non-flavoured tea first thing in the morning, this is the one I love the most.

I have had every single rooibos that David’s has to offer and I like every single one of them! I looked up some rooibos properties and it’s really great for your digestion, skin sensitivities, contains no caffeine and is a great replacement for sport drinks.


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