oh zipcar, which one to choose???

26 Jan

a tribute to ScrapMetalok, my old Aveo 5

I joined Zipcar when I got rid of my car last spring and have never looked back.  It’s totally convenient and I get to choose from so many different cars for whatever I need it for.  From big shopping sprees at Costco or Ikea, I’ve driven giant 4×4 trucks to tiny little minis.

It’s great for short trips but gets a little pricey if your trip is going to be more than 200km or longer than a day.  It’s still way cheaper than owning a car, so I can’t really complain.  So far the Mazda 3 is my favourite all round car, the trunk is huge and it drives really well with a lot of zip.

It was fun driving the Mini for a day but there were too many buttons and it took me FOREVER to figure out how to start the damn thing….mental note…foot on break before pushing “Start Engine” button.  The Mini chimes whenever something is wrong so don’t put a bag on the passenger seat or else it’ll think someone is sitting there without a seatbelt.  Much too high maintenance for me….sometimes I miss my ScrapMetalock (my former Aveo 5), he was a fun little car to drive.

is it me, or does the gearshift of this mini not look like a motorcycle helmet?


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